Code to Enhance Learning is a project which works with schools and organization working with children to bring coding to elementary grade children so that they learn a skill, much needed in current digital world, to express feelings and nurture creativity and problem solving.




Computers are defining the jobs, markets, and business and greatly influencing the way we live and think. For our children to thrive, it’s important for them to not only be conversant with using computers but also be aware of how it works and how they can use it to solve problems and create things around them.

However, schools either teach to use applications or teach computer science from secondary grades pitching students directly against mostly used programming languages like Java, etc. This sudden exposure leads to rote learning of concepts and kids fail to explore the beauty of the subject. Some schools try to teach Logo in elementary grades as part of computer subject but spiraling of computational concepts and practices are lacking. The idea of integrating computer with self and surrounding, using it to build expression, solve problems is often missed out which undermines the potential of computers. (more…)


We support schools and organizations with curriculum framework and aligned resources (sample video lessons, lesson plan, graphic organizers, assessments and trackers) which help them to implement the coding program.

Teachers/Facilitators find the resources helpful in order to conduct the coding lessons for kids as the resources are easily to comprehend, makes them aware about the outcomes and helps to assess them, helps them to visualize the flow of the lesson, gives them step by step approach to progress, track and reflect on the progress to identify the next steps.


Wall of Student

valentines ballon

This project is made a 4 grade student to wish Valentines’Day. In this project, when the boy is clicked the balloon goes up and burst into hearts which falls down in the form of rain.




2. RUKHSANA_Family Tree

This project was made by a girl in grade 4 about her family. Its a family tree which shares more information about her family. She introduces all the family members with speech bubble and you can also click the picture of the family members to know more about them.




Get Involved

The vision of reaching out to every kid is humongous and we believe that it would need many individuals and organization to work in tandem sharing and learning for from each other. We keep on looking for people and organizations who can make concerted effort with us to reach out to more and more kids to help them learn to code. (more…)